Huichol necklace

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light blue
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This beautiful necklace is handmade by Huichol indigenous people, who proudly craft all our collection, inhabit mostly the mountainous areas of the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, in north central Mexico. All aspects of their creative process, from materials to colors to designs, have strong cultural significance. Their identification with particular gods and ritual meanings of the ancient Huichol spiritual world in their daily life continue today.

Their beadwork designs, such as the deer, pine tree or whirlwind can be associated with the Huichol deity, Tamat’s Kauyumari, who shaped their world. The zigzag lines that emanate from all living things represent communication with the deities. The butterfly motif is reminiscent of the Itzpapolotl or Obsidian Butterfly, a principal deity of the classical Aztec motifs

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