This second collection by Amor y Mezcal is an encounter between the ancient cultures of Mexico and India. The embellishment work is entirely artesanal, made by the patient hands of mexican tribal women in a small “pueblo” not far from Mexico City. 

The Rooster represents renaissance. The ancients believed that the rooster’s sunrise crow sounds expelled evil spirits, thus bringing the light of day.

The Peacock represents integrity. The spreading of the peacock’s plumes symbolizes the cosmic deployment of the Spirit.

Frida Kahlo is an extension of the first Amor y Mezcal collection and icon par excellence for the matriarchal Mexican culture.

The base material of collection is constructed entirely of jute and produced in India. Jute is a material derived from a natural based plant fibre composed of cellulose, water-resistant and 100% biodegradable.

Folk, pop and environmentally friendly.

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