It's lovely to have you here!

I’m Marianna, I'm the founder of Amor y Mezcal, wife and mum of three little children. I'm Italian but currently based in Miami. I love to travel and discover new artisanal products, bright and beautiful art inspired by traditions. I obsess over every detail, from the shape of each bag to the tone of each colour. My unique method of creating my collections is to find a story behind each piece. I hope you love what you see!


From me, to you

Being surrounded by nature is key to our health and wellness, so it’s no wonder so many artists are inspired by the beauty it provides. Filling yourself with sunlight, flowers, plants and wildlife brings the outdoors in and really lifts my mind and my creativity. I have to thank Miami for that, my endless summer, my inspiring, happy place.

I'm passionate about sharing my story, inspirations and skills with all those who enjoy it, not just as people that love fashion but with fellow that love the beauty of creativity.

Whatever your passion… never give up on it. Make every day beautiful.

The early days

I have been creative right from toddler years. My mum tells me of how I used to draw all day long. She always had beautiful outfits and she used to embroider the cutest little dresses for me and my sister.

The place where I come from in South Italy, close to Naples, it's full of colors and traditions, I’m sure that's why I'm so attracted to the this colorful, joyful aesthetic.

My first trip to Mexico was like a return at home, back to my childhood.

In 2013, I decided to set up my own business

It all started with a trip to Mexico when I met Daniel (my husband). At the time I was still leaving in Milan, a city that has given me so much but at the same time I knew that my love story with this stunning city was about to end.

The colors, the art, of Mexico inspired me so much that I wanted to create something to remember forever that moment made of pure love, happiness and joy. During this trip me and Daniel decided that we would spend our lives together. That's how AMOR Y MEZCAL was born!

Our collections.

When I was leaving in Milan, I used to work as a journalist. I worked for CNBC in television and also for Vogue Italia among others. The Journalism is a crucial part of Amor y Mezcal because is the reason why I keep looking for a story to tell trough my collections, if there is not an interesting, cultural element behind each creation then there is no an Amor y Mezcal piece.

The next chapter...

I wish to start to work in new different countries and to combine the crafts of distant cultures together.

Our first collection

The first product we created was a new version of the classic Mexican Market bag. A shopping bag that all the Mexican women use to go the grocery store. Strong and pop, unique and eccentric. This bag is also our best seller and it will be forever our trademark.

My family, my life

Ethan, Andrea and Sole are my entire universe. My family is my dream come true. And I will never thank my husband enough for being my partner in crime in creating such a beauty!

All the Images shot by Camille Hanozet.