It's lovely to have you here!

"I'm Marianna, the founder of Amor y Mezcal. I'm a wife and mother of three little children. Although I'm Italian, I am currently based in Miami. I have a passion for traveling and exploring new artisanal products, as well as vibrant and stunning art inspired by traditions. I pay meticulous attention to every detail, from the shape of each bag to the tone of every color. My distinctive approach to creating collections involves discovering a story behind each piece. I sincerely hope you enjoy what you see!"


From me, to you

Being surrounded by nature is key to our health and well-being. It's no wonder that many artists find inspiration in the beauty it offers. Immersing myself in sunlight, flowers, plants, and wildlife brings the outdoors inside and greatly enhances my mindset and creativity. For this, I am grateful to Miami, my eternal summer and my inspiring, joyful place. I am deeply passionate about sharing my story, inspirations, and skills with everyone who appreciates it, not just those who love fashion, but also those who cherish the beauty of creativity. No matter what your passion may be, never give up on it. Embrace each day and make it beautiful.

The early days

I have been creative ever since my toddler years. My mum often tells me stories of how I would spend my days drawing. She was always dressed beautifully, and she used to embroider the most adorable little dresses for my sister and me. The place I come from in Southern Italy, near Naples, is bursting with colors and traditions. I believe this is why I am so drawn to this vibrant and joyful aesthetic.

My first trip to Mexico felt like a homecoming, taking me back to my childhood.

In 2013, I made the decision to establish my own business

It all began with a trip to Mexico where I met Daniel, who would later become my husband. At the time, I was still living in Milan, a city that has provided me with so much. However, deep down, I knew that my love affair with Milan was coming to an end. The vibrant colors and inspiring art of Mexico had such a profound impact on me that I yearned to create something to forever capture that moment of pure love, happiness, and joy. During that trip, Daniel and I made the decision to spend our lives together, and that's how AMOR Y MEZCAL was born!

Our collections.

When I was leaving in Milan, I used to work as a journalist. I worked for CNBC in television and also for Vogue Italia among others. The Journalism is a crucial part of Amor y Mezcal because is the reason why I keep looking for a story to tell trough my collections, if there is not an interesting, cultural element behind each creation then there is no an Amor y Mezcal piece.

The next chapter...

I wish to start working in new, diverse countries, immersing myself in their unique cultures and traditions. My goal is to combine the exquisite crafts and artistic techniques from distant cultures, fostering a cross-cultural exchange of creativity and innovation. By blending these rich influences, I aim to create truly captivating and harmonious creations that celebrate the beauty of our interconnected world. Through my work, I hope to bridge the gaps between cultures and promote a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diversity and craftsmanship found across the globe.

Our first collection

The first product we created was a new version of the classic Mexican market bag, a staple shopping bag used by women in Mexico for their grocery trips. Our version is sturdy, vibrant, and carries a unique and eccentric charm. This bag has become our best-seller and will forever remain our trademark.

My family, my life

Ethan, Andrea, and Sole are my entire universe. My family is the realization of my dreams, and I will never be able to thank my husband enough for being my partner in crime in creating such a beautiful family!

All the Images shot by Camille Hanozet.