Three trends for Summer

Whether you’re in Miami Beach or Margate, prepare to dress for summer.  
From new prairie style florals, to a streetwear-inspired beach look, 
get to know the three trends we’re loving this season.



Feminine and fluid, this trend is the epitome 
of English prettiness. Reference the '90s
underwear-as-outwear look with romantic midis
and soft pyjama shirting and add eccentricity to 
frills, ruffles and prairie prints with a straw boat

    2. ON THE LIST

    Glossy and clean-cut but with a clear focus
    on streetwear, this trend takes inspiration from urban 
    dance festivals. Daytime metallics are given a grunge
    spin with the addition of sporty slogan hoodies and 
    and low-slung, slouchy trousers and sportswear features 
    heavily, with monochrome mesh and airtex being
    the fabrics of choice.



    Adopt an LA state of mind with a trend with cool camo 
    prints, folk-inspired fabrics and flashes of neon. Logo
    swimsuits double up as tops and a classic Grecian style
    sundress is the ultimate 24 hour piece. Accessories are
    also key: new-look rope sandals pay homage to the 
    traveller while badge-detail sweats and jackets nod
    to retro suitcase stamps.


    credits© topshop


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