Spirit and passion.

Every place has a story, be it a small corner of the world or a giant metropolis.
Every place holds its own story, unique and distinct. Different stories united, however, by the passion and dedication of which they are composed. These are stories deeply rooted in the past and are repeated as rituals reciting the mantra of tradition, knowledge and respect.

Amor Y Mezcal collects these stories in places where tradition is expressed through crafts, where the fusion of folklore and creativity creates something unique to discover.

Passion and spirit, these are Amor Y Mezcal’s hallmark. The first stop is South America, specifically Mexico, this fascinating part of the world, rich in popular culture, colors and flavors, a place where land, water and air compete to give one of the most breathtaking views.

This is where the brand meets the age-old manufacturing tradition of seamstresses who inhabit the interior of the Country, an art that has traveled through time, uncontaminated by ages and distant costumes, but that has retained its original identity matrix, radiant and warm as we all know.

This is how the first creations by Amor y Mezcal are conceived, bags that evoke the solid and capacious market bags thanks to their shape, but whose color, finish and materials are a true celebration of the best sartorial tradition in those areas.

The raw material, in fact, is typically used by the locals, lightweight but made to withstand and endure. The color bands that cut through the bags coincide with that of the South American textiles, famous for uniting the use of bright colors in warm and enveloping weaves.

Amor y Mezcal’s creations stand out for their finishing touch. The skillful hands of Mexican seamstresses, bring weaves of colored ribbons that adorn handles to life, but it is the workmanship in front of the bag that expresses the art enshrined in that place.

The image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, an icon for excellence, set in a frame of sequins woven by hand, represents the symbol of the project. The same magic that centuries ago enveloped the appearance of that effigy on the mantle of a young Aztec farmer, lives on today in the gestures and the passion that move the hands of the craftsmen in composing such a symbol.

Places revealed through the story of their tradition, their craftsmanship, respecting the customs, techniques and typical materials of those lands, in a blaze of research and design. This represents the core of Amor y Mezcal’s project, always on the move.