Vintage from Guatemala

Our ‘Guatemala Collection’ consists of two unique, handpicked, vintage Maya ethnographic pieces.

The ‘Chachal’ traditional necklace is worn by the Maya women of Guatemala, meaning necklace in the Quiche language of the indigenous Maya. It also refers to the musical jingling the necklace makes when worn! They are handmade for each individual, and decorated with personal adornment choices, as each charm added to the chain signifies the occurrence of a memorable life event. Coins are included for luck and prosperity; crosses for their Catholic devotion. The red glass beads, with a white center or heart, called white hearts, made their way into Guatemalan ‘Chachales’ in place of coral. The story each necklace tells might easily be observed by the numerous elements added and cherished across the years by the wearer, and handed down as an heirloom to future generations. Each necklace has been handpicked.

The ‘Huipil’ has been worn by indigenous women of the Mesoamerican region (central Mexico into central America) well before the arrival of the Spanish to the Americas. It is a traditional Maya loose fitting tunic, generally made from three rectangular pieces handwoven on a blackstrap loom, out of dyed cotton. There is an opening for the head and, if the sides are sewn, openings for the arms. Each garment is heavily decorated with intricate, meaningful designs woven into the fabric. The style, color choices and designs generally indicate the ethnicity and community of the wearer, as each has their own methods of creating the fabric and decoration. The ‘Huipil’ remains the most common female indigenous garment still in use in Mesoamerica today. Each piece has been handpicked for its uniqueness and beauty.



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